Place Query

ID Location Place Type Grid Reference
2320 Finderne Gardens Area of Wymondham
2321 Arundal Road, Wymondham Road
2322 Ketts Close, Wymondham Close
2323 Marion Close Close
2324 Finderne Drive Drive
2325 Ash Close Close
2326 Beech Close Close
2327 Neolonde Drive Drive
2328 Ogden Close, Wymondham Close
2329 Verdons Lane, Wymondham Lane
2330 Dereham Road, Wymondham Road
2331 Black Hall Farm, Wymondham Farm
2332 Aldiss & Hastings, Market Street Company
2333 Dewhurst, Market Street Shop
2334 Gaytons, Market Street Shop
2335 Hubbards Radio, Market Street Shop
2336 International Stores, Market Street Shop
2337 Keymarkets, Market Street Shop
2338 Little, Market Street Shop
2339 Ogdens, Market Street Shop
2340 Old Beams Cake Shop, Market Street Shop
2341 Parkes Butcher, Market Street Shop
2342 Proctors Paper Shop, Market Street Shop
2343 Reeves, Market Street Shop
2344 F. Standley, Market Street Shop
2345 Telefusion, Market Street Shop
2346 Whartons, Market Street Shop
2347 Wiltshire, Market Street Shop
2348 Woolworths, Market Place Shop
2349 Doctors Surgery, Market Street Surgery
2350 Ashworths, Middleton street Shop
2351 Bedingfields, Middleton Street Shop
2352 Jacksons, Middleton Street Shop
2353 Ivy Oxley, Middleton Street Shop
2354 Corstons, Town Green Shop
2355 Photocraft. Town Green Business
2356 C. H. Standley, Town Green Business
2357 Stones, Town Green Shop
2358 Whartons, Town Green Shop
2359 Abbey Gift Shop, Damgate Street Shop
2360 Barwell & Son, Damgate Street Shop
2361 Corstons, Damgate Street Shop
2362 Ex-Servicemans Club, Damgate Street Club
2363 Labour Rooms, Brewery Lane Club
2364 Harradine, Brewery Lane Business
2365 Clarkes, Fairland Street Shop
2366 Laundarette, Fairland Street Laundry
2367 Rix Cafe, Fairland street Cafe
2368 R. F. Bird, Church Street Business
2369 Green & Wright, Church Street Business
2370 G. Woodbine, Pople Street Shop
2371 Dell Bowling Club, Norwich Road Club
2372 Meales, Barnham Broom Road Business
2373 Milk Marketing Board, Browick Road Business
2374 Mann Component, Station Area Business
2375 Hewitts Lane School
2376 Sheffield Road School
2377 Farm Fare, Middleton Street Business
2378 Eastern Electricity, Middleton Street Business
2379 St Johns Ambulance, Middleton Street Hall
2380 Chenery, Middleton Street Business
2381 Macro Builders, Middleton Street Business
2382 Barnards Store, Middleton Street Business
2383 Laundry, Melton Road Laundry
2384 Department of Employment, Fairland Street
2385 Queens Head, Fairland Street Inn / Public House
2386 Charringtons, Market Place Business
2387 Bunwell, Norfolk. Manor
2388 Queen's Head, Long Stratton Inn / Public House
2389 The Sawyers, Suton, Wymondham Inn / Public House
2390 The Old Oak Inn, Downham,Wymondham Inn / Public House
2391 Jubbs Barn Lane, Wymondham Lane
2392 Bait's Hill Hill
2393 Cemetery Lodge, Wymondham Lodge
2394 Whitehorse Street, Wymondham Street
2395 Preston Field Area of Wymondham
2396 Judd's Barn Lane Lane
2397 Enclosure 470 adjacent Chapel Lane Land
2398 Station Hotel, Wymondham Hotel
2399 School Lane, Spooner Row Lane
2400 Morley Mill Mill
2401 Morley Buck District
2402 Watton Road, Hingham Road
2403 Hardingham Road, Hingham Road
2404 Silfield Crescent Street
2405 School House, Spooner Row House
2406 O.S.1984, School Lane, Spooner Row Field
2407 St. Helen's, Silfield Church
2408 Wramplingham Hall Hall
2409 Mill Hill Lane, Morley St. Botolph Lane
2410 Buck Inn, Morley St. Botolph Inn / Public House
2411 Hardingham Hall Hall
2412 The Crescent, Silfield Road
2413 Pages Brush Works Factory
2414 Kingdom Hall Hall
2415 Windmill Brush Factory Factory
2416 Millway Road
2417 Market Cross Tea Rooms. Cafe
2418 Dell Cafe. Cafe
2419 King George V. Inn / Public House