Place Query

ID Location Place Type Grid Reference
3620 North End, Opposite Northfield next to Hockhams Carr Area of Wymondham
3621 Westbridge Way Area of Wymondham
3622 Northwood Area of Wymondham
3623 Blackenham, Norwood Common, Downham (Black Inham) Wood
3624 Aby House House
3625 Abby Barne Area of Wymondham
3626 Apleby Furland Area of Wymondham
3627 Appleton Lawnde Area of Wymondham
3628 Barrowe Heade, Northfield Area of Wymondham
3629 Broad Meadow, Spooner Row. Meadow
3630 Bushy Close, Suton/Besthorpe Close
3631 Cakebreads (Cakebreedes) Wood
3632 Common Meadow, Westwade Meadow
3633 Dowes Wronge, Wattlefield Area of Wymondham
3634 Driftway Leading to Howes Close to The Lizard Area of Wymondham
3635 Gildingcore, Wattcarr Area of Wymondham
3636 Newland Cross, Silfield Land
3637 Northwood Moor, Downham Pasture
3638 Nortons Ollard, Near Rush Meadow Pasture
3639 Oaks Hill, Standfield Field Area of Wymondham
3640 Oaky Close Close
3641 Oat Close Close
3642 Oldcroft Furlong Land
3643 Organs, Orgayne, Orgays, Tenement, Abutting Bixland Field Tenement
3644 Ostlons, Hyrne, Rivalds, Norton Area of Wymondham
3645 Rivalds, Norton Area of Wymondham
3646 Overwent Area of Wymondham
3647 Oxcarre Area of Wymondham
3648 Oxier Carre Area of Wymondham
3649 Packway, Suton Way
3650 Paddock Holme Area of Wymondham
3651 Upper Park Farm Farm
3652 Parke Way Close, Silfield Close
3653 Parker Wood Wood
3654 Partable Close Close
3655 Patrick Ditch, Downham Dyke/ Ditch
3656 Peartree Acre, Northfield Land
3657 Peereings, Upper Downham Area of Wymondham
3658 Pennyng Tenement Tenement
3659 Perrings (Pyryns), Downham Shifts Area of Wymondham
3660 Pinocke Close, Wattlefield Close
3661 Pitt Acre, Eastfield Land
3662 Perambulation Way, Northfield Way
3663 Plowd Close Close
3664 Plowmans Close Row Row
3665 Popples, The (Pooples, Poples, Popylls) Close Close
3666 Upper Downham Area of Wymondham
3667 Poppy Acre, Silfield Land
3668 Poppyland Close Close
3669 Porling Close Close
3670 Possly (Postly) Field Field
3671 Pothecaryes Close Close
3672 Potters Enclosure Area of Wymondham
3673 Pratts Tenement Tenement
3674 Prynnes Meadow, Silfield Meadow
3675 Quaintrill Close Close
3676 Rackenwood Area of Wymondham
3677 Little Reading, Suton Close
3678 Sheepcote Close, Suton Close
3679 Reddick's (Reedings) Close Close
3680 Reedings Area of Wymondham
3681 Reedings Lane Lane
3682 Retheries Tenement, Middleton Tenement
3683 Reyners Falgate, Downham Area of Wymondham
3684 Reynes Tenement Tenement
3685 Barley Wong Close, Suton Close
3686 Ribalds Horne, Ribalds Hurn, Upper Downham, Northfield Area of Wymondham
3687 Riballs, Upper Downham Area of Wymondham
3688 Right Up Field, Silfield Field
3689 Common River River
3690 Road Bridge Bridge
3691 Robins Hedge Grove
3692 Rocke Meadows, Rustens Meadow
3693 Rookenward Area of Wymondham
3694 Rowlands Tenement Tenement
3695 Rush Close (Old). Close
3696 Sads Row Row
3697 Saye Bushes Area of Wymondham
3698 Sayers Close Close
3699 Sayle Hill Hill
3700 Scrobies Tenement, Silfield Tenement
3701 Semers Tenement Tenement
3702 Setnall (Settnall) Wood Wood
3703 Sewel's Close Close
3704 Shacker Meadow Meadow
3705 Sheepcoat Close, Norwood Close
3706 Sheepcoat Reading Area of Wymondham
3707 Sheepeclose Area of Wymondham
3708 Sheeps Close Close
3709 Shynnings Close, Next to Westbridge Close
3710 Slabbards, Messuage Messuage
3711 Slymoor, Northfield Area of Wymondham
3712 Smith's Close Close
3713 Snetill Tenement Tenement
3714 Sofes? Tenement Tenement
3715 Sollymers Close, Near the Hogg Close
3716 Southwale, Tenement Tenement
3717 Southwood Area of Wymondham
3718 Spillmans Gap (Little Half Acre) Area of Wymondham
3719 Spykke Tenement Tenement