Place Query

ID Location Place Type Grid Reference
3720 Spikes Pitle, Browick Area of Wymondham
3721 Spinks Close Close
3722 Sponerrow, Close, Spooner Row Close
3723 Sponerrow Field, Wattlefield Field
3724 Spoonearowe Area of Wymondham
3725 Spooner Row Common Area of Wymondham
3726 Sporell Tenement Tenement
3727 Springaldys Tenement Tenement
3728 Square (Sqarre) Close Close
3729 Square Pitle Area of Wymondham
3730 The Pigeons, Damgate Street, Wymondham Inn / Public House
3731 Oak Cabin Cafe, Norwich Road, Wymondham Cafe
3732 Stanbridgfelde Land
3733 Stanfield Lane, Browick Lane
3734 Stanfords Messuage Messuage
3735 Stannard Tenement Tenement
3736 Staplecroft Field Field
3737 Steerscroft Area of Wymondham
3738 Stelies/ Steles Tenement Tenement
3739 Stephens/ Stevens Meadow, Northfield Meadow
3740 Stileyard Croft Croft
3741 Stolworthyes Area of Wymondham
3742 Strobys Tenement
3743 Stymop Half, Northfield Land
3744 Sumerlie Peece Area of Wymondham
3745 Swampit Pitle Area of Wymondham
3746 Symonds Tenement Tenement
3747 Symond Trenheade Tenement Tenement
3748 Tedgores Tenement Tenement
3749 Gravell Pit Close, Norwich Road/ London Road Close
3750 Church Way, Wymondham Way
3751 Three Roods in a Hole Area of Wymondham
3752 Thurstons (Shephard) Tenement, Suton Shift Tenement
3753 Tiltek Tenement Tenement
3754 Todd Close Close
3755 Tooleys Close Close
3756 Tooley Croft Croft
3757 Tooley Cross, Northfield Cross
3758 Tooley Furlong, Northfield Furlong
3759 Tooley Way Way
3760 Toplins Tenement Tenement
3761 Town Meadow, Near Westwade Meadow
3762 Town Pitle Area of Wymondham
3763 Towns End near the Pitts, Becketts Chapel Area of Wymondham
3764 Wicklewood Common Common
3765 Townsend next to Cross, Northfield Area of Wymondham
3766 Townse End Pitle Area of Wymondham
3767 Treys Tenement Tenement
3768 Trokes Tenement Tenement
3769 Tubbines Close Close
3770 Tweight (Whaight) Area of Wymondham
3771 Ulf Tenement Tenement
3772 Umphreys Tenement Tenement
3773 Vinters Close, Near West Bridge Close
3774 Vyrleys Tenement Tenement
3775 Wackfield Meadow Meadow
3776 Wadebridge (Wattbridge) Bridge
3777 Wadeslod, Chapplegate Area of Wymondham
3778 Wadges Lower Close Close
3779 Wadges Upper Close Close
3780 Walbrigg Bridge Bridge
3781 Walters Tenement Tenement
3782 Walter Newman Tenement Tenement
3783 Wardleys Close, Suton Close
3784 Wards Croft Croft
3785 Warners Tenement Tenement
3786 Watering Close, Town Green Close
3787 Wateryards Area of Wymondham
3788 Watcarrs Close Close
3789 Wattlefield Close, Wattlefield Close
3790 Wattlefield Field Field
3791 Wattlefield Inclosure Inclosure
3792 Wattlefield Lath Land
3793 Wattlefield Street Street
3794 Way Close Close
3795 Waynscroft, Black Inham Croft
3796 Waynstreet (Tooleys) Street Street
3797 Welcroft Field (pasture), Suton Field
3798 Welgate, Norton Gate
3799 Welgate Land Land
3800 Westbridge Area of Wymondham
3801 Westwade Bridge Bridge
3802 Westwade Hill Hill
3803 Wetherbys Messuage Messuage
3804 Whitstar (Whitster) Meadow, Suton Meadow
3805 Wigmans Messuage and Wood Messuage
3806 Wigmer Lane, Suton Lane
3807 Wildocks Tenement Tenement
3808 Windmill Hill, Silfield and Northfield Hill
3809 Woodcock Close Close
3810 Woodward Close Close
3811 Wramplingham Close Close
3812 Wreningham Common, Silfield Common
3813 Wrenn Parke Area of Wymondham
3814 Wyndout Tenement Tenement
3815 Well Croft Croft
3816 Nethergate alias Suton Common Common
3817 Catts formerly Dowsings Tenement
3818 Dole, otherwise Tritton Tenement
3819 Moor, Suton