Place Query

ID Location Place Type Grid Reference
2220 Snailwell, Cambridgeshire Village / Parish
2221 Benace, Suffolk Village / Parish
2222 Seymour House House
2223 Pear Tree Farm, Suton Farm
2224 Depwade Village / Parish
2225 Station Road, Spooner Row Road
2226 "Kumagen", Damgate Street House
2227 "Clarendon", London Road, Wymondham House
2228 Bodney Hall, Norfolk Hall
2229 Keswick Mill Mill
2230 "Clovelly", Whitehorse Street, Wymnodham House
2231 Kelling, Norfolk Village / Parish
2232 Salthouse, Norfolk Village / Parish
2233 The Palace. Cinema
2234 The Queen's Head, Bunwell, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2235 The Plough, Carleton Rode, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2236 The Blackhorse, Flordon, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2237 The Bowling Green, Saxlingham, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2238 The White Horse, Hapton, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2239 The Maltsters, Long Stratton, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2240 The Queen's Arms, Market Place, Wymondham, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2241 The Duke's Head, Damgate Street, Wymondham, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2242 The Rule and Compasses, Wreningham, Norfol. Inn / Public House
2243 The King of Prussia, Attleborough, Norfolk Inn / Public House
2244 Grundisburgh, Suffolk. Hall
2245 Cavick Bridge, Becketswell Road, Wymondham Bridge
2246 Town Hall, Town Green, Wymondham Hall
2247 Cavick Sawmill, Wymondham Business
2248 Methodist Recreation Ground, Wymondham Recreation Ground
2249 "Pretoria", Folly Road, Wymondham House
2250 Oldfield's Row, Folly Road, Wymondham Row
2251 Upwell, Cambridgeshire Village / Parish
2252 "Chimneys", Cock Street, Wymondham, Norfolk House
2253 "Ivydale", Folly Road, Wymondham House
2254 Folly Close, Wymondham. Close
2255 Sun Cottage. Cottage
2256 Swimming Pool, Brewery Lane. Sport Facility
2257 "Cherry Timbers", Pople Street, Wymondham Bungalow
2258 Park Avenue. Silfield, Wymondham Avenue
2259 "The Rothbury", Pople Street. House
2260 "Harrowdene", Chapel Lane, Wymondham House
2261 "Penlan", Chapel Lane, Wymondham. House
2262 Aldwych Estate. Estate
2263 Norfolk Garden Estate. Estate
2264 Central Hall, Car Park, Back Lane, Wymondham Car Park
2265 St Leonards. Close
2266 Folly Gardens Estate
2267 Maple Close Close
2268 Hawthorn Close. Close
2269 Willowland Drive. Drive
2270 Chestnut Avenue Avenue
2271 "Rydal Mount", Norwich Road House
2272 Park Villas, Silfield, Wymondham House
2273 Cantley Villas, Spooner Row, Wymondham House
2274 Bank House, Market Street, Wymondham House
2275 Ivy Gates, Norwich Road. Area of Wymondham
2276 Marlingford Hall Hall
2277 Aldborough, Norfolk Village / Parish
2278 The Manse, Bridewell Street, Wymondham Manse
2279 Spooner Row Smithy Smithy
2280 Retreat Nursery, Wymondham. Nursery
2281 Hill Lane
2282 Broom Road
2283 Rookery Nook Area of Wymondham
2284 Silfield Church Hall Hall
2285 "Glendale" formerly "Crimea Bungalow", Back Lane, Wymondham. Bungalow
2286 "Longvilla", Fairland Street, Wymondham House
2287 River Tiffy, Wymondham River
2288 George & Dragon Inn Inn / Public House
2289 Police Station Building
2290 Petty Sessional Court House, Wymondham Building
2291 Foster's Bungalow, London Road Bungalow
2292 Ivy Green, London Road House
2293 Mr Burt's House, Chapel Lane House
2294 Mount Pleasant, Chapel Lane House
2295 Downham Road Road
2296 Mill House, Browick Road House
2297 Crossways Lane, Silfield Lane
2298 Gravel Pit Cottages, White Horse Street Cottage
2299 The Round House, Cross Road, Melton Road House
2300 North Wymondham Area of Wymondham
2301 Central & South Wymondham Area of Wymondham
2302 Red Lion, Bridgham Inn / Public House
2303 Hapton Hole, Hapton Inn / Public House
2304 Bird in Hand, Hardingham Inn / Public House
2305 Half Moon, Damgate Street, Wymondham. Inn / Public House
2306 Strayground Lane Lane
2307 Gonville Hall. Hall
2308 Peaseacre Wood Wood
2309 Poynt Saw Mills, Wymondham Business
2310 Side Gate Corner. Area of Wymondham
2311 Chandlers Hill, Wymondham Street
2312 Churchgate House, Church Street, Wymondham. House
2313 Gas Works, London Road, Wymondham Business
2315 Colwyn School School
2316 Ashleigh School School
2317 Spooner Row Playing Field Playing Field
2318 Standley Court Court
2319 Ogden Court Court