Place Query

ID Location Place Type Grid Reference
2420 Salvation Army Hall. Hall
2422 Norvic Shoe Factory Factory
2423 Chapel Road, Morley Road
2424 High Common, Wcklewood
2425 Morley Hall Lane Road
2426 Waterloo Farm, Morley Farm
2427 Village Hall, Morley Hall
2428 Pilgrims Farm, Spooner Row, Wymondham Farm
2429 Cattons Farm, School Lane, Spooner Row, Wymondham Farm
2430 Leeders Farm, School Lane, Spooner Row, Wymondham Farm
2431 Bunwell Road, Spooner Row, Wymondham Road
2432 Station Cottages, Spooner Row, Wymondham House
2433 Station House, Spooner Row, Wymondham House
2434 Chestnut Farm,Chapel Road, Morley Farm
2435 Golf Links Road, Morley Road
2436 Willow Street
2437 High House Farm
2438 North Wymondham Community Building
2439 Pennybrick Hall
2440 Wood Lane, Morley Road
2441 Morley School School
2442 Morleyfield Lane Road
2443 St Botolph Church
2444 Flaxton Farm, Bunwell Road Farm
2445 Morley Hall Drive Drive
2446 Council Houses, Deopham Road, Morley House
2447 Fryers Meadow
2448 Mill House, Suton House
2449 Methodist Chapel, Suton, Wymondham Chapel
2450 Waterloo Farm Road, Morley Road
2451 Mile Road, Suton Road
2452 Poorhouse Lane, Morley Road
2453 Post Office Stores, Deopham Road, Morley Shop
2454 Little Dial Farm Farm
2455 Mears Garage, Wymondham. Garage
2456 Briton Terrace, Preston Avenue, Wymondham Terrace
2457 Ashwellthorpe Hall Hall
2458 Badgers Well, Wreningham Road. Well
2459 Cockley Clay Hall Hall
2460 Ferns Court Court
2461 Cann's Yard Yard
2462 Attleborough Road, Morley Road
2463 Morley Hall Special School School
2464 Fairstead Area of Wymondham
2465 Cheatpoor Piece, Wymondham Land
2466 Fir Grove Cottage, Morley House
2467 Buck Lane, Wicklewood Road
2468 Brightons Old Farm, Suton, Wymondham Farm
2469 Great Melton Road Road
2470 Lime Tree Farm, Morley Farm
2471 The Chestnuts, Spooner Row, Wymondham House
2472 Haveringland Village / Parish
2473 Eleven Mile Road Road
2474 Eleven Mile Lane Road
2475 Woodhouse Eaves Homeless Unit. House
2477 Estelle Way, Wymondham Road
2478 Downham Grove, Wymondham Road
2479 Perrings, Wymondham Street
2480 Conyers, Wymondham Street
2481 Pale Close, Wymondham Land
2482 Rydocks, Wymondham Land
2483 Silfield Railway Bridge Bridge
2484 News Corner, Silfield Road
2485 Stanfield Bridge Bridge
2486 Ivy Holme House Farm, Silfield Farm
2487 Holly Farm, Silfield Farm
2488 Stanfield Bridge Road Road
2489 Long Road, Wymondham Road
2490 Compass Road Road
2491 Orchard Farm, Silfield Street, Wymondham Farm
2492 Poplar Farm, Silfield Street, Wymondham Farm
2493 Sewage Disposal Works, Chapel Lane Area of Wymondham
2494 163 on the Wymondham enclosure map Land